The Design Of Luxury

The park blossom cottage holds the finest styles to add extra charm to your stay. Each and every room in the cottage comes with a classic set of designing architecture to soothe your mind. A little of sophisticated colors are illustrated over the walls of blossom’s. Park Blossom can help you to have a seamless sojourn to break down your monotony life.

Sightseeing Deck

A special spot for people who love heights to explore nature. Park Blossom has got a spacious sightseeing deck for family and friends to look at the stunning mountains. The sightseeing deck is covered with glass just for guests to look out for scenic beauty without missing anything.

Ironing Board On Request

Wanting to dress up better for visiting new places, then we help with ironing board. If you don’t have time for pressing up, then we can surely help you with pressing services.

Digital Safe Locks

Traveling involves lots of expenses, are you thinking about safety for your cash and other expensive things? Park Blossom’s provides digital safe locks to secure anything during your stay. Complete CCTV surveillance is delivered for safeguarding guest’s properties.


Feel the warmth during the coldest months of the year with a fireplace at the cottage. The fireplace is completely secured with iron rods so that no sparks can escape from the fireplace. Stay warm even at the spine-chilling weather.

Private Garden Area

Guests can experience the wildest blooms in their private staying area at Park Blossom’s. The private garden is well-maintained with so many varieties of flora that soothes the senses. A pebble pavement allows people to talk a refreshing walk in the mist covered pebbles. Feel the fresh air and stay addicted to the intoxications of wildflowers at Park Blossom.

Sit back and enjoy the stacks of green with our luxury wheels on road. Give yourself the extra time to explore much more natural courses between the up steep hills. Believe, there are much more spots to look into the Western Ghats!

Thinking of eating some of the scrumptious flavors during your stay? Then Park Blossom offers the best dines with various cuisines around the world. We serve cuisines which are listed below

  • Indian
  • American
  • Italian
  • Mexican
  • Chinese

You can enrich your taste buds with boiled, barbecued, casseroled, fried or poached dished which are made by cordon-bleu.

Our Cottages


The Grindelwald is surrounded by the bushlands of Nilgiris at hubbathala. The Heritage Home is located on the cliff of majestic Western Ghats. The heritage home is the perfect place for gaining pure sense of hush. Experience the true sense of nature within our Heritage Home. We enhance your staying experience with astonishing amenities beyond imagination.

Enjoy your private heaven at our Heritage Home with a living room, a master bedroom, dual bedrooms alongside loft views, kitchenette, and dining area. The loft view at Heritage Home is completely furnished where you can take more coffee sips to enjoy the spirit of wildwoods. It is necessary for everybody to stop doing routines and take a refreshing break. So, save up your time for experiencing an intact running cup of peace at Heritage Home. Here at our home, your cold days can turn into warmth loving days with safe fireplace hearth. Enjoy the flavors of your home food with multiple cuisines.

Forget yourself with the altitude of nature just by stepping into sightseeing deck within the Heritage Home. Not just days can be interesting during your stay, we are enlightened to turn your twilight moments more magical just by adding gazebo with the campfire. Don’t miss out what’s happening around your world with the fastest wi-fi connections inside the cottage.

The most desirable home comes with a wow factor which enables guests to lock down the complete home for their privacy on booking at the right time. At Heritage Home, our guests can enjoy their stay only with their desired people. The home is open for a maximum of 12 members comprising of 6 adults and 6 children. Guests get the privilege of enjoying the couple of additional bedrooms which delivers utmost privacy during their stay.

  • 2 extra bedrooms on request
  • Activity center
  • Dining area
  • Furnished living room
  • Gazebo with campfire
  • Home theatre
  • Kitchenette
  • Lawn and Garden area
  • Office room
  • Parking
  • Pond
  • Sightseeing deck
  • Walking space
  • Wi-Fi


The Ashmore is where you can still get a lively connection with nature. The high-end luxury home located just near sim’s park gives the pleasing sights of woodlands and city view. The home is the perfect spot for wanderlusts who are into exploring more tourism spots. The Contempo Home is the connection of luxury that leads to rejuvenation beyond surmise.

Behind the doors of Ashmore home well-furnished triple bedrooms, a living area, and kitchenette with all luxury amenities. Every piece of work inside our home is crafted with contemporary designs for bringing back the lost thoughts of inner peace. Facing on the Western Ghats, the main bedroom lead towards Porch. A patio is available in our home to experience the rambles with nature.

The home will stay reserved once you close the booking for the day. Guests can book a couple of bedrooms apart from the master bedroom within the contempo home. The Contempo Home is open for a maximum of 12 members (6 Adults, 6 Children) to enjoy the brilliance of nature at any time of the year.

  • Multiple Cuisines
  • Dining area
  • Home Theatre
  • Lawn and Garden area
  • Lounge
  • Parking lot
  • Play area
  • Pool table
  • Porch
  • Wi-Fi